Permissionless Dynamic Pools

The goal of Permissionless Dynamic Pools is to make it easy for projects to create pools for their tokens without reliance on any centralized or third party. This means greater flexibility, control, and transparency for everyone involved. Also since we are creating dynamic pools, added yield can be generated through lending for eligible tokens - making it attractive for LPs to contribute liquidity even if trading fees are low or a lack of LM rewards.

Below is a simple guide on the pool creation process:

Step 1: Select Pool Type

Choose between the 2 pool types: Volatile or Stable

Volatile Pool

Select "Volatile" as your pool type if 1 or more of your selected token is a non-stable coin i.e. SOL-USDC, MET-USDT etc.

Selecting this option will allow you to set the initial price for your token by adjusting the ratio between the initial deposit amount of your token pair.

Stable Pool

Select "Stable" as your pool type if both of your tokens are stable coins i.e. USDC-USDT, UXD-USDC etc.

Selecting this option will ensure that the liquidity ratio between the token pair remains at 1:1.

Step 2: Select token pair

After selecting your pool type, you can start selecting your token pair for the pool.

You can use the following ways to find and select the token.

  • Select your token directly from the token dropdown list

  • Enter the token symbol in the search bar and select the token from the filtered list

  • Enter the token mint address

Note: You might see the "Unknown" label beside your selected token, this means that the token is not listed on Jupiter or has yet to be verified yet. You can refer to this document for more info on how to get your token listed on Jupiter:

Step 3: Deposit initial liquidity for both tokens

If the pool price is different from the market price you will lose money to arbitragers. To minimize this loss, we recommend you put in $500 worth of liquidity first. This will get you listed on Jupiter which will then automatically move your pool price to the market price. Once you see volume on the pool, Jupiter is likely trading against your liquidity. Then you can make a balanced deposit for the amount you were planning to seed the pool with.

After selecting your tokens, you can start to enter the initial deposit amount for each of your tokens.

If you are creating a stable pool, your allowed deposits for both tokens will be in a 1:1 ratio. If you are creating a volatile pool, you can enter any initial deposit amount for both tokens, but do note that the initial deposit amount will determine the initial price you are setting for your tokens. So please take note to deposit the correct ratio especially if both tokens already have a market price. You can refer to the initial price for each token in the section below "Initial Price and Pool Setting"

Step 4: Click "Deposit and Create"

If all the required fields have been entered - the pool will be created and you will be redirected to your new pool's detail page as shown below.

You can begin depositing, withdrawing or swapping liquidity in the pool immediately.

Note: It will take a few minutes for our system to update and make the pool available and searchable in the pool listing page

Permissionless Pool Creation Link:

Important Notes

  1. The ratio of tokens is how the initial pool price is set. It is important that this is the market price or you will get arbitraged away. So if you create a SOL/USDC pool, you would need to add 75 USDC for every 1 SOL you add to the pool. If this is way off you can lose money as arbitragers take advantage of your low price.

  2. You need a minimum of $500 in liquidity (combined value of token pair) for your pool to be picked up by Jupiter. This may take 30mins for the crawler to update. If at any time the liquidity goes below $500 then it will auto-delist from Jupiter, but once it goes above, it will auto-relist.

  3. It may take a few minutes for your pool to appear on the Meteora pools list, but if the transaction is successful then it will be created on-chain.

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