3. The 10% Stimulus Proposal

For the 3rd major part of the plan, we are proposing that 10% of MET be allocated to liquidity providers before the token goes liquid. Here are the key reasons why:

  1. Liquidity providers are the core users of Meteora and it is essential for them to be key stakeholders in MET so that the protocol will continue to build the right services for our users.

  2. Additionally, projects that are looking to grow liquidity for their token will also be an important voice as stakeholders to help Meteora understand the types of features and incentives projects are looking for to launch and grow their liquidity in Solana.

  3. Lastly, we think this will help MET become the leading AMM in Solana

Because both DLMM and our dynamic pools have the ability to do so well for LPs we are confident that liquidity will remain in Meteora in the long run and we don’t believe in the need to utilize mechanics to hold liquidity captive. Instead, we will continue to focus on improving the sustainable yield for LPs.

A proposal will be submitted soon after the DAO formation for this purpose!

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