Our farming program allows Liquidity Providers, who deposit in Meteora pools, can stake LP token to earn rewards.

Rewards are came from Meteora partners , maximum 2 reward tokens for a farming pool.

There may have multiple farming pools for a Meteora pool, farmers should notice on APR and Expiration before staking LP token to a farming pool.

Here are steps to integrate with farming program

  • Stake: Liquidity provider deposits on Meteora pool to get LP token, that represents for share in the pool. After that, user continues to stake LP token to farming pool to earn rewards.

  • Claim: User, who stake LP token on a farming pool, can call function to claim maximum 2 reward tokens of the farming pool.

  • Unstake: If farmers want to withdraw from Meotera pool, they need to unstake LP token from farming pool firstly, then they can withdraw from Meteora pool normally.

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