Previously, Meteora developed the most dynamic protocols in DeFi by leveraging the power of Solana. These include dynamic vaults, which rebalance every minute across 10 lending protocols in search of safe, optimum yield, as well as dynamic AMMs tailored for a variety of use cases, including LM-free LST markets, forex, stablecoins, and more.

After intense development, collaboration with the ecosystem, and weekly community calls for over a year, we are delighted to announce the most comprehensive plan to drive liquidity and TVL for Solana ever conceived — the Meteora Stimulus Package!

  1. DLMM: A sparkling new dynamic liquidity market maker with dynamic fees and precise liquidity concentration for the best LPing possible

  2. Expert DAO: An expert DAO with the best DeFi minds in Solana

  3. The 10% Proposal: A proposal for 10% of MET to be set aside for LPs to massively encourage TVL growth in Solana in early 2024

This strategy encompasses the concurrent execution of a novel product, a dedicated community, and a robust incentive structure. Close collaboration with all key stakeholders is essential to bring this vision to fruition, and we look forward to working with everyone towards making Solana the best trading ecosystem in crypto!

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