The Massive Meteora Stimulus Package involves:

  • DLMM - LPs can now access dynamic fees and precise liquidity concentration - For LPs, this allows greater fee capture during market swings and opens up all-new AMM LP strategies - For projects, new creative ways to launch your token with more flexible token designs

  • Expert DAO - To leverage experts to guide the DAO on its mission - To empower LPs to align the DAO with its core userbase - To promote transparency and confidence in MET

  • 10% LP Stimulus Proposal - 10% of MET to be allocated to LPs before the token is liquid - LPs as stakeholders will ensure we continue to build the right things for our users - This stimulus will bring Meteora to a great start at the point of token liquidity, creating TVL and volume, decentralizing the DAO with the right stakeholders, and creating inflow not only from Solana, but, from elsewhere as well

Sequence Of Events

We believe that the combination of this 3 aspects — product, community, incentives will be the key to a holistic plan that will supercharge Solana TVL in 2024 and beyond.

We expect the timeline to be as follows:

  • Early Dec: DLMM capped beta, MET dao formation, proposal discussions

  • Mid Dec: Open beta, MET DAO proposal voting for community and LPs

  • 1st Jan 2024: MET stimulus package for LP starts

  • Early 2024: MET liquidity event.

With LPs to represent our user base, community as our base for DAO governance, and projects representing the needs for new token liquidity, Meteora will have a strong diverse base that will balance all the considerations necessary to grow long-lasting sustainable liquidity for Solana.

Let’s go!

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