Supported Wallets

A Solana-compatible wallet is a must-have digital tool for you to receive, send, store, and manage your cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana blockchain. Just like using any other decentralized application (Dapp) on Solana, you will need to first connect your wallet on Meteora in order to add liquidity to a pool or execute other transactions.

Meteora supports wallets that abide by the Solana Wallet Standard - a chain-agnostic set of interfaces and conventions that aim to improve how applications interact with injected wallets.

Popular wallets supported on Meteora include:

Software wallets

  • Phantom

  • Solflare

  • Backpack

  • Coinbase

  • Trust

  • OKX Wallet

  • Coin98

  • Frontier

  • MetaMask (via Snaps with Solflare)

  • WalletConnect

Hardware wallets

  • Ledger

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