How do I create a new farm?

Farms are permissioned. You can ⁠🎫|open-a-ticket and the team can help create one for you. We need the following info:

  1. Link to the pool you want to create a farm for

  2. Token mint address for the reward token you want to give. You can specify up to two types of tokens (optional).

  3. Duration the farm will run. We recommend 4 weeks. Whenever you add rewards it resets the farm duration. So for a 4 week farm, if you upload rewards at week 2, it will reset and distribute whatever rewards in the farm for 4 more weeks.

  4. A wallet address for us to whitelist. This wallet will be able to load the farming rewards into a dynamic pool farm, using our farm admin dashboard (link will be given to you).

  5. Once rewards are added into the farm, they cannot be removed. Sometimes, at the end of the farm period, there could be spare rewards remaining due to 0 LP stakers in the farm during the farm period. These remaining rewards can be linearly distributed again if you extend the farm period.

Note: For DLMM farms, the team has to load the farming rewards on your behalf, so you would have to send the rewards to us first.

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