Dynamic Memecoin Pools

We have launched a new type of dynamic pool called "Memecoin pools" to support memecoin launches and liquidity.

A memecoin-type dynamic pool has a few unique features specially suited for memecoins:

  • Permanently-locked liquidity with claimable fees: The liquidity you add during pool creation will be permanently locked forever, but you can still earn fees on your locked liquidity.

  • Dynamic Fee: Dynamic fee is set by the protocol and ranges from 0.25%-15%. This fee may be changed by the protocol over time, depending on market conditions.

  • Volume Referral Fee: 50% of the dynamic fee is used as a volume referral fee that goes to integrators or trading bots that bring volume to the pool.

Like other dynamic pools, memecoin pools are also tracked by Birdeye, DEXScreener, and DEXTools.

Note: Only the memecoin-type of dynamic pools have dynamic fee and volume referral fee.

Thanks to Dialect's Blink feature, memecoins launching on Meteora will now be able to generate referral blinks (blockchain links) on their pools to share across the internet. The aim is to drive volume to the meme pools by incentivizing influencers, KOLs, or meme creators themselves to share the referral blink with their community.

Both creators and referrers will instantly share the fees from any trading that happens on these Blinks. Blink referrers get the volume referral fee if swaps occur on the meme pool using the blink, while creators (the liquidity providers) get the remaining LP fee.


  • A memecoin pool is created and has an LP fee of 15% of the swap value

    • 50% of this LP fee is awarded to the volume referrer, in this case the blink referrer

    • So if a user swaps using the referred blink, the referrer earns 50% of 15% = 7.5% fee from the swap

    • Remaining 50% of 15% = 7.5% goes to liquidity providers

Note: Blink feature is only available for the memecoin-type of dynamic pools.

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